KICS Products
KICS products are built specifically for your organization's industrial-level cybersecurity: KICS for Nodes is designed to protect industrial operator panels, workstations and servers, while KICS for Networks provides industrial network security monitoring.
OT Network Monitoring and Visibility product, is a platform delivered as a software or virtual appliance, passively connected to ICS network.


  • Asset discovery

    Passive OT assets identification and inventory

  • Deep packet inspection

    Almost real-time technical process telemetry analysis

  • Network integrity control

    Detects unauthorized network hosts and flows

  • Intrusion detection system

    Alarms signs of offensive network actions

  • Command control

    Inspects commands over industrial protocols

  • External systems

    External detection technologies API integration

  • Machine learning for anomaly detection (MLAD)

    Finds cyber or physical violations through real-time telemetry & historical data mining (Recurrent Neural Network)

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KICS for Networks interface
OT Endpoint Security product, delivered as a software for Windows and Linux-based machines


  • Low impact on protected device

    Minimal resource consumption
    Modular solution architecture

  • Highest compatibility

    PLC integrity check
    SCADA files integrity check

  • Advanced malware protection

    Log inspector
    Exploit prevention
    Firewall management

  • Control of enviroment

    Device control
    Wi-Fi control
    Application Launch Control

OT assets protected by KICS for Nodes
Centralized Security Management platform



  • Systems management

    Centralized system data collection
    Centralized software deployment
    Vulnerability detection & patch management
    Extended client management capabilities

  • Policy management

    Centralized security policy management
    Remote task scheduling and execution

  • Reporting and notification

    Event logging
    Dashboards and reports
    SMS/Email notifications

  • SIEM integration

    ArcSight, Splunk, QRadar
    Syslog Server

HMI integration


MES dashboard integration

Security status and information delivery to IEC 104 / OPC 2.0 compatible host